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Our new, full-service, agile insights solution. Providing the power of LRWMotiveQuest’s unique consumer data, technology, and human intelligence to answer tough business questions quickly, and at a cost-efficient price.

About LRWMotiveQuest

LRWMotiveQuest is an award-winning, technology-enabled, insights company


How We Do It

Smart Data + Proprietary Frameworks + Human Intelligence

Online Anthropology:
A Deeper Way to Listen and Learn


Online Anthropology listens beyond social networks, to rich, anonymous conversations among consumers, to expose deep behavioral insights.

Art meets science. Computational linguistic analysis allows large volumes of data to be explored via AI-powered tech. At the same time, a heavy dose of human direction mines for qualitative nuance to expose the greatest ways to uncover the highest quality insights.



Tells people’s stories in their own words. Understand priorities, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors.


Favors the highest-value data over the highest-volume data.


Technology aids in discovering and quantifying. Patterns, clusters, and early trends are identifiable quickly.


Unprompted conversations are full of surpries. We incorporate your reaction, hypotheses, and prioritization into what we’re seeing.

Problem We Solve

We leverage unstructured word-of-mouth, consumer-generated data from online communities through social listening to help you discover emerging social ideas, subtle changes in the marketplace, and new opportunities to engage with your consumers.

Our Clients

Our clients and agency partners are brand innovators and visionaries who understand the importance of consistent growth implementation


American Express





A few words from our clients

LRWMotiveQuest is not a research vendor, but an ally to our agency. Their brand positioning and advocacy tools mirror our own approach, supporting our strategies with insightful data. They bring large amounts of data to life through a clear and meaningful archetype analogy that has proven more than once to weave its way into our storytelling. Together we work well to uncover a client’s why.
Head of Strategy, Mullen Advertising
There were thousands of voices talking about our business online. LRWMotiveQuest listened to them all, synthesized their findings into a tight story, and most importantly gave us some genuine input that we were able to immediately leverage.

Consumer Insights, Pfizer


LRWMotiveQuest has been an invaluable partner because they have the technical expertise to collate vast amounts of social media data, and the marketing expertise to identify actionable insights and trends for our business.
Consumer Insights, Kraft Foods

LRWMotiveQuest sits at the intersection of advanced technology and human understanding, where art and science meet to create disruptive ideas.

How We Work With Clients

Uncovering Growth Insights with a Consultative Approach

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